LED Frameless Panel


Perfect For the DIY Frames or projects looking this light boxes.

4 sizes available. Please specify size preference upon checkout
1) 36″X24″ $189
2) 24″ X 18″ $75
3) 20″ X 16″ $65
4) 8″ X 11″ $35

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Product Description

Frameless LED Edge Lit Panel. -This frameless design can help the do it yourself pros to design custom frames or other back light projects. -LEDs are visible with this design but can be covered easily with a .5″ dark boarder. – Long lasting SMD diodes built into the panel to last 10+ years.

Available in four sizes:

EFT light box, poster size : 8″X11″ $35
Framed light box, poster size: 20″*16″ $65
EFT light box, poster size: 24”*18” $75
EFT light box, poster size: 24″x36″ $189

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8″*11″, 20″*16″, 24″*18″, 24″x36″


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